Top 5 Eats: Columbia Edition

Welcome to Columbia, TN, a southern small town not just rich in history and culture, but also boasting a flourishing culinary scene. We know that a great community isn’t just about beautiful homes; it’s also about the amazing dining experiences it offers. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner or just visiting, these top 5 restaurants in Columbia, highly rated on Yelp, offer a taste of the city’s diverse culinary landscape.

1. Southern Tre Steakhouse

A gem in Columbia’s dining scene, Southern Tre Steakhouse is known for its top-quality steaks and warm, welcoming ambiance. Yelp reviewers consistently praise its mouthwatering dishes and the elegant dining experience it provides.

2. Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

Puckett’s is a local legend, offering a taste of authentic Southern comfort food. Its lively atmosphere and live music make it a cultural hotspot. Yelp users recommend their signature barbecue and hearty breakfasts.

3. River Terrace 

Bringing a taste of New Orleans to Tennessee, River Terrace stands out for its exceptional seafood and riverside views. Reviewers on Yelp are particularly fond of their Cajun and Creole-inspired menu, making it a perfect spot for a flavorful dinner.

4. Taps Off Main

For those who love craft beers and gourmet burgers, Taps Off Main is a must-visit. This spot earns high marks on Yelp for its unique beer selection and creative, delicious burgers, all served in a cozy, friendly setting.

5. Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery

Marcy Jo’s, located a short drive from Columbia, is well worth the visit. Renowned for its home-style cooking and rustic charm, customers love the hearty breakfasts and homemade baked goods. It’s a true representation of the down-to-earth, community-focused spirit of the area.

Columbia, is not just a place with great real estate opportunities; it’s a haven for food lovers. These top-rated restaurants add to the town’s charm and make it an even more appealing place to live. If you’re looking to call Columbia home, or just passing through, be sure to indulge in these culinary delights. For more information on homes in areas with fantastic dining options, area school information, and other local news and advice, visit our community page here!